Smarttel provides services at prices that allow your company to grow, as well as helps keep the customers satisfied that your company currently services. We have a passion for what we do and for the people that we work with. We consider our customers not only business partners but also friends and allies.
Smarttel offers high quality termination over a combined TDM / SS7 and VoIP network. This technology ensures our customers with low cost, reliable and high quality termination. We are focused on delivering the best quality, customer service and rates. Our helpful and friendly staffs are always just a phone call away.
Smarttel also provides time based routing and provide support to partner who request on special routing based on their request.
Fast responsive with 24x7, 365 days supports and monitoring as to ensure and guaranteed the best quality to deliver to our partners.
NOC also provides proactive trouble shooting and real time monitoring on the network performance round the clock.


1. WHOLESALE VOICE : We work with the various strategic partners to ensure the reliability and quality of our voice termination and the price competitiveness of our routes. Our PoPs include Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, UK and US and we establish strategic collaborations with the local telecom partners in these countries to strike out win-win business propositions.

2. INTERNATIONAL RETAIL A-Z VOICE : Smarttel Retail voice provides high quality worldwide A-Z voice termination via TDM or IP interconnects. Our Retail A-Z Product is designed for retail providers who have limited termination capacity and/or limited routing resources and require one stop shop highest quality service. This is primarily routed to either an incumbent carrier/PTT or a licensed, locally interconnected carrier with guaranteed high quality retail termination. CLI is passed and in most cases supported for this product.

3. MANAGED CO-LOCATION SERVICES : Smarttel has very good arrangement with some of the famous data centre like One Wilshire - Los Angeles, Telx - New York, Equinix IBS - Singapore, Sino Favour Centre - Hong Kong.

4. HOSTED VOIP BILLING, SWITCHING, MEDIA BANDWIDTH OPTIMIZATION SERVICE : Smarttel has the arrangement of Hosted SBC & softswitch solutions for TDM & IP, billing solutions and very special bandwidth optimization solution both in TDM and IP bandwidth using latest technology.